Single mothers and teenage mothers are marginalized in Swaziland – they are often left to their own devices by the father of their child, their parents, and their communities.

Swaziland Single Mothers’ Organisation (SWASMO) is a small but competent organisation of volunteers qualified in the areas of community development, social work, and public health. SWASMO’s volunteers have decided to try and rectify the perilous situation of poor single mothers and teenage mothers in Swaziland. This is done in practice by mobilising and educating poor single mothers in the poorest areas of Manzini, the main industrial town, to explore their personal, social and political environment so that they become self-reliant, self-aware and healthy.

The organisation was founded in January 2009 on the idea that each human being has the potential of improving her life regardless of her gender or marital status and with the vision of ensuring  healthy self reliant  single mothers and preventing teen pregnancies.